Watch These Ex-Muslim Women Talk About Modesty, Feminism, and Islam October 13, 2017

Watch These Ex-Muslim Women Talk About Modesty, Feminism, and Islam

Last week, at the University of Colorado Boulder, ex-Muslims Sarah Haider, Hiba Krisht, and Ghada spoke on a panel about modesty, Islam, and feminism.

There’s obviously no shortage of issues to discuss, including wearing a hijab, how much freedom Muslim woman have, and whether the phrase “Islamic feminism” is a contradiction.

The full video is near 2.5 hours and I haven’t had a chance to watch the entire thing, but if any moments stand out to you, please leave a timestamp/summary in the comments.

If nothing else, though, be sure to watch this brief clip of Haider explaining why it’s so important to normalize the concept of ex-Muslims and talking about the backlash her group received for including the term in its name.

The Ex-Muslims of North America are hosting several discussions like this all over the country. Check out their tour schedule here and make plans to attend if you get a chance.

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