Preacher Lance Wallnau Prayed for a Hurricane to Avoid Puerto Rico. He Failed. September 21, 2017

Preacher Lance Wallnau Prayed for a Hurricane to Avoid Puerto Rico. He Failed.

Two weeks ago, right-wing preacher Lance Wallnau called on God to command Hurricane Irma away from the coasts of Florida. That didn’t work. The hurricane hit parts of the state, causing damage that will take many years and billions of dollars to fix.

Given how well that worked, Wallnau asked God on Tuesday night to command Hurricane Maria away from Puerto Rico.

“We see that hurricane coming to Puerto Rico,” he said. “We command the hurricane to veer off course into the ocean, ricochet off into the ocean, ricochet off into the ocean, you shall not hit nor shall you destroy Puerto Rico.”

“In the name of Jesus, we thank you Lord that you are giving us power over the elements because they have to submit to the authority of Jesus on the earth,” he continued. “We take that authority over the hurricane and command it to depart from Puerto Rico into the ocean. We intercede for the defenseless. That’s enough! That’s enough already with these hurricanes. That’s it, stop it!”

That would be the same Puerto Rico that currently has no power, where the roofs have been blown off buildings, and where flooding is rampant.

Either God isn’t helping, or God really hates Lance Wallnau.

Or maybe Wallnau just forgot to pray with a scepter.

With any luck, the people of Puerto Rico will be able to power their houses with all those thoughts and prayers since they weren’t good for anything else.

(via Right Wing Watch)

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