Dave Daubenmire to Christians: Get Angrier or “Your Grandkid is Gonna Be a Homo”

Of all the things Christians need to doing more of right now, you’d think getting angrier is somewhere near the bottom of the list. Isn’t everyone at peak angry right now?

But not to Christian activist Dave Daubenmire. He thinks Christians are too silent on issues like abortion. (Maybe because evangelicals are too busy celebrating a president working to take away health care from poor people…)

He told his audience on Pass the Salt Live that they need to get angrier! If they don’t… well, the consequences of silence are serious.


“‘Coach, you seem angry,’” he continued. “Well, why aren’t you? You don’t care that they abort babies? That doesn’t make you mad? It doesn’t make you mad that Planned Parenthood just spent $760,000 in that election down in Georgia? $760,000 — tax dollars — Planned Parenthood invested in that dude, that asshat down there in Georgia. That doesn’t make you mad?”

“It doesn’t make you mad that they teach lies to your kids in school?” he fumed. “That don’t make you mad? ‘Oh, we’ll just pray about it, we’ll just pray about, Coach.’ Yeah, and in the meantime, your grandkid is gonna be a homo!

I’m tempted to say that none of the tax dollars Planned Parenthood gets goes into their political action arm… and that not yelling about something does not make a relative gay. But I don’t think Daubenmire cares about common sense. He’s too busy ranting about Bible-based bullshit to let anything sensible get through his head.

(via Right Wing Watch)

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