An Atheist Group’s Adopt-a-Highway Signs, Just Outside the Creation Museum, Have Been Vandalized

In 2013, the Tri-State Freethinkers (covering parts of Ohio, Kentucky, and Indiana) adopted a highway. It was more than just giving back to the community, though, because the highway they adopted included the entrance road to the Creation Museum.


So at least one group was benefitting that community. And they were doing it by offering evidence that atheists can indeed be good without a god.

Last night, however, the atheists learned that their signs had been vandalized. (Yep, two of them.)



It’s unclear who did it, though the culprit clearly didn’t want the group’s name to be seen by anyone. It would be a nice gesture — and a simple one — for Ken Ham to denounce the vandalism. We’ll see if he does that.

In the meantime, group President Jim Helton had an excellent response (via email):


Helton added that the group will continue to clean up the highway with or without the signs. They should be replaced, though, since they’re state property.

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