A Utah Family’s Car Was Stolen As They Were Inside the House Praying

Here’s your daily reminder that prayer can sometimes make things worse.

This time, a Utah family about to head to the airport for a Hawaiian vacation left the car running in their driveway while they all went back inside to say a prayer.

When they came back out, the car was gone.


“(We) turned the car on to start it for a couple minutes, and then we sat down as a family and had a little prayer, left to go get in the car, and the car was gone,” [mother] Ashly Johnson said.

The family was inside the house for just a few minutes, but that’s all the time it took for someone to get in the white 2004 Toyota Sequoia and drive away.

It’s a sad story, to be sure. As someone who lives in an area with freezing weather, it’s easy to understand the temptation to warm up your car by letting it run while you finish up a few things inside the house. But that doesn’t mean it’s the smart thing to do. Insurance may not even cover these incidents:

[Salt Lake police detective Robert Ungricht] also added that a lot of insurance companies will not cover theft of a motor vehicle if it finds that the owner left the vehicle warming up or left the keys in the vehicle and created a crime of opportunity.

Moral of the story: Pray in the car like Jesus told you to. He can’t save you from yourselves.

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