New Jehovah’s Witnesses Video Shows Parents How to Shun Their Disobedient Child For Life

In a truly disturbing video shown by the Jehovah’s Witnesses at their summer regional conferences, a mother and father cut all ties with their disobedient daughter. They don’t talk to her. They don’t answer her phone calls. And they blame their own mental anguish on her. They keep it up because they believe it’s the only way she’ll return to the faith.

A Spanish-language version of the video was recently leaked and the video below includes English captions:


If those are good parents, what the hell are the bad ones like?

Blood may be thicker than water, but who knew belief was thicker than blood?

If your religion tells you that a child who disagrees with your beliefs is worth abandoning for life, the problem is your faith. The problem is that some people are brainwashed into thinking that excommunicating a family member for not adhering to the rules of the religion is a form of love.

This isn’t love. It’s torture. It’s unnecessary torture. It’s a perfect example of religion acting as a virus that infects families and destroys them from the inside.

(Thanks to Kevin for the link)


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