Where Would Jesus Pee? April 26, 2016

Where Would Jesus Pee?

If Jesus was born of a virgin mother, and He didn’t have a father to give him a Y chromosome, where would He pee when visiting North Carolina?

Andrew Seidel takes that thought to its full conclusion, building off of a tweet by Houston Harris.


To summarize without the hashtags:

Where would Jesus pee?

In the Bible‬, ‎Jesus Christ‬ is always portrayed as a man. But it also says Jesus was conceived in ‪Mary‬’s womb without the agency of a human father. So that means ‪‎Jesus‬ cannot have a Y chromosome. At best, he has one X chromosome. That means that Jesus is biologically female.

So, where would Jesus pee? In ‪North Carolina‬, according to ‎HB2‬ and his most ardent followers, Jesus would have to use the women’s bathroom — beard and all.

For those of you keeping score at home, this means that Jesus (1) is not a Christian, (2) not Caucasian, and (3) not biologically male.

Hey, kids, if your parents are making you go to Sunday School, feel free to ask your teachers this one over the weekend. Please get a picture of their reactions while you’re at it.

"https://uploads.disquscdn.c...Of course, I shouldn’t be surprised, it is a matter of course for you."

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