From Our “Atheists Eating Babies” Desk April 12, 2016

From Our “Atheists Eating Babies” Desk

[Caution: graphic images ahead. Of, um, cakes.]

As an atheist, I didn’t really feel part of the club until I ate a baby for the first time. It was moist and sweet and delicious.

Like all of Katherine Dey‘s cakes.

Actually, I don’t know that (I made it all up), but this is true: Dey is a cake artist and a nurse in Rochester. I trust she is a level-headed medical professional, but as a baker she is a tad unhinged, in a fun, schlocky, Wes Craven / Tom Six kind of way.

I love (looking at) her masterful cakes. But since they’re not for the squeamish, I’ll ease you into it, and show a fairly innocuous one (oops, unless you’re a Muslim or a practicing Jew, I guess) before graduating to, well, newborns.


Ready for more? Proceed at your own risk. (Autoplay video after the jump.)




I don’t know about you, but I’m getting peckish!

The New York Post has a slide show with more.

(Images via Katherine Dey Art)

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