Mississippi Newspaper Will Not Publish Gay Wedding Announcements Because Jesus

The Northeast Mississippi Daily Journal, based out of Tupelo, would like you to know that gay people are despicable and their marriages are shams. Publisher Clay Foster — who doubles as a church pastor — explained as much in a column that contained six Bible verses and no reasonable defense for his bigotry:

last week five of our Supreme Court justices decided that neither the Bible nor their predecessors’ ruling matters any longer because times have changed.

Our response and reaction to this decision by the Supreme Court doesn’t need to be one of hate, but rather one of love, including those who experience same-sex attraction, without comprising our beliefs and while maintaining strong convictions on the Bible’s teachings.

Somewhere in Christiandom, they must teach writers that if they preface their hateful messages with the word “love,” everyone will be totally cool with it…

This wasn’t just Foster’s opinion, though. It has ramifications for the paper, which Robbie Ward, a former reporter there, points out:

[Foster] has directed advertising and sales staff at the Daily Journal to refuse to accept for publication announcements of same-sex marriages. As of now, anyone in Northeast Mississippi who wants to see publication of wedding announcements of marriages of same-sex couples must turn to another news organization.

I’m shocked.

Somehow, a newspaper publisher figured out a way to make his product even more obsolete.

This follows the story we posted last week about the Kentucky newspaper publisher who lamented printing gay wedding announcements but knew he had to do it.

The Christian Persecution Complex runs strong in these people…

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