Catholic Bishop Says Being Gay is Like Having Down Syndrome: It’s Not What God Intended March 9, 2015

Catholic Bishop Says Being Gay is Like Having Down Syndrome: It’s Not What God Intended

Here’s some unsolicited advice: If you don’t understand a topic, stop pretending to be an expert in it. So if you’re an unmarried virgin, your advice on sex and marriage ought to be taken with a huuuuuge grain of salt.

Irish Catholic Bishop Kevin Doran (below) didn’t take any of that advice. During an interview with the NewsTalk Breakfast radio show, his ignorance on a variety of subjects came through loud and clear.


Like when he said gay couples with kids weren’t really parents:

“This legislation that the government is introducing — the Children and Family Relationships Bill — seems primarily focused about making it possible for people in various different relationships to have children. It’s not about ensuring that children have their parents.”

“[Gay couples] may have children — but that’s the point — people who have children are not necessarily parents,” he said.

Shut up. Just shut up.

When he was asked about where homosexuality comes from — whether it was what God intended — Dr Doran replied: “That would be to suggest that if some people who are born with Down syndrome or Spina Bifida, that that was what God intended either.”

OMG, stop talking…

And Dr Doran said it is wrong for a woman to ‘get back’ at a rapist by having an abortion.

You know what? I take back everything I just said back.

Keep talking, Bishop. You’re doing more to show the problem of faith-based thinking than any argument I could ever make.

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