An Entirely New (To Me) Reason To Be an Atheist: It’s Cheaper February 13, 2015

An Entirely New (To Me) Reason To Be an Atheist: It’s Cheaper

People who make an earnest effort to glean what is true and what is make-belief may be swayed by science, philosophy, and empirical evidence. But on a different level, maybe they should also listen to their pocketbooks.

One rarely-used tickmark for atheism is that it’s cheaper than believing in gods. I never considered that, frankly, but commenter dagobarbz briefly makes the case here:

Atheism is cheaper. There’s no tithing, you can decide to be childless if you want, nobody is laying down rules that benefit the few. You don’t have to donate anything. You don’t have to attend anything. You are free to live your life without [paying] some man in a dress [to tell] you what a sinner you are and how suffering here ensures glory in heaven.

I think dagobarbz is (mostly) joking, but there’s a lot of truth in that statement. Wanna save money? Ditch God!

Save on gas by not driving to church. Save on “Sunday best” clothes. Save on religious statuescrucifixes, and other tchotchkes of faith. Save on church outings and mission trips. Save money on Christian colleges like these underperformers (but do invest it in a good education).

Atheism saves (your hard-earned cash). Jesus saves? Not bloody likely.

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