The Woman Who “Audited” an Evolution Exhibit Just Did the Same Thing with the Brookfield Zoo December 6, 2014

The Woman Who “Audited” an Evolution Exhibit Just Did the Same Thing with the Brookfield Zoo

Megan Fox — the one who gives the other Megan Fox a bad name — has done another “audit” of something she knows very little about. What really makes this whole series *pop* is how she’s so fully convinced she’s uncovering a conspiracy when she actually just showcasing her own ignorance. There’s a Sarah Palin-esque attitude she has that screams: If I don’t get it, it must be wrong.

So enjoy Megan Fox’s visit to the Brookfield Zoo:

Spoiler: In the first 30 seconds — since that’s about as much as most of you will be able to stomach — she complains about a water exhibit because “what does that have to do with the zoo?” Quick answer: The availability of clean water everywhere requires conserving and protecting the environment. Which is something zoos have a vested interest in…

Of course, she could have learned that by turning around and reading the goddamn signs right behind her.

And this is only Part 1, people.

Remember: You can counter her ignorance by chipping in to our fundraiser to benefit the library Fox has been hounding for more than a year. Because, to her, public libraries are also part of a vast left-wing conspiracy.

(Thanks to Andi for the link)

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