German Pastafarians Now Have Official Signs Directing People to the Nearest Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster

Germany, which doesn’t have the kind of church/state separation that we do in the U.S., has signs right as you enter some cities telling you when local churches gather. The local Catholic Church, for example, meets at 10:30a on Sunday.

So what happened when a group of Pastafarians requested signs of their own in the city of Templin?

City officials said, sure, why not?

Church sign in Templin (via Rüdiger Weida)

A rough translation of a German article explains:

The evangelical pastor Ralf-Günther Schein leaves no doubt that he does not think much of the activities of the church critics… What bothers him most is the offensive anti-ecclesiastical nature of the group. “It’s not worship what they do; it’s the circus.” Now that their church is advertised the same way as his, it is very disturbing. “As the city could have been more sensitive.”

According to Pastafarian Rüdiger Weida, the request was made in September but took a couple of months to get fully processed. Now, however, there are four such signs around the city. They will still have to pay for the signs’ maintenance, but they’re happy to cover those costs.

Weida added that “The screw [to put up the signs] was almost harder to get than… permission.”

(Thanks to @GrewiGreg for the link)

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