Mississippi Elementary School Principal Tells Teachers to Walk Kids Through Lobby… Right Past the Gideons Bibles October 16, 2014

Mississippi Elementary School Principal Tells Teachers to Walk Kids Through Lobby… Right Past the Gideons Bibles

The Rankin County School District in Mississippi has violated the law and promoted religion multiple times over the past couple of years. And they still haven’t learned their lesson.

This time, at Northwest Rankin Elementary School, teachers apparently walked students through a lobby where the Gideons were handing out copies of the Bible — on the principal’s orders.

The American Humanist Association’s Appignani Humanist Legal Center was quick to react:

In the letter to school district officials, association attorney Monica Miller quoted from an Oct. 7 email sent from Killough’s account to a Northwest Rankin Elementary mailing list. Among the list of events, the principal’s email said that on Friday, Oct. 10: “Gideons will set up in the lobby of the fifth grade building at 7:35. Fifth grade teachers — please walk your class through the lobby at that time.”

… “the teachers were not merely passive observers but were expressly instructed to assist the Gideons by making the children walk through the lobby where the Bibles were distributed,” Miller wrote.

Unbelievable. There was undoubtedly pressure on the little kids to take a copy of the Bible because of the coercion from their teachers, and that’s the problem. It’s illegal promotion of religion that would never be in doubt if this were any non-Christian group.

How does a principal not understand the legal problem with that? (And who the hell let the Gideons people hang out at an elementary school during the day?)

I guess the Satanic Temple folks should get their coloring books ready. There are some kids in Mississippi just waiting for them to make an appearance…

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