Church of England ‘Faces Extinction,’ Says Ex-Archbishop; Churchgoers Should Be ‘Ashamed’ of Themselves

One (almost) down, a bunch more to go.

The Church of England is “one generation away from extinction”, the former Archbishop of Canterbury has warned.

Lord Carey, 78, said churchgoers should be “ashamed” of themselves for failing to invest more in young people and called for urgent action before it’s too late.

The outspoken Lord said that unless more was done to attract new worshipers, every one of the 43 CofE dioceses across the world could be wiped out within 25 years.

He also expressed fears that the modern church was too old fashioned and “not the most exciting place to meet new people“.

Because I’ll grab any opportunity to plug my favorite British comedy duo, Mitchell and Webb, here’s a sketch in which a couple mistakenly believes that the local church is “a great place to make friends”:

(Image via Shutterstock)

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