Confused Christian Group Keeps Spending Money On Ten Commandments Monuments To Stick It To Atheists. Atheists Shrug.

The group Thou Shall Not Move, which we last covered on this blog back in July, is at it again.

Quick refresher: Indignant Christians formed TSNM after the Freedom From Religion Foundation sued a McConnellsville, Pennsylvania public school for unconstitutionally displaying a Ten Commandments monument. The monument is now covered up until the case is resolved in court.

Meanwhile, TSNM is taking a stand against the mean old atheists by commissioning new monuments, one after the other, and triumphantly shipping them to towns across Pennsylvania.

Hence, breaking news:

The North Ten Mile Baptist Church in Amity will be the newest recipient of a 6-foot-by-3-foot, 1,600-pound granite monument engraved with the Old Testament’s Ten Commandments.

Did you spot the mistake in “thinking” here?

Thou Shall Not Move is erecting the monument on church property. No atheist I know has a problem with that. We only object to endorsements of religion in public schools, public squares, courthouses, and the like. Want to put a massive monument in your church yard? No problem. Please enjoy.

TSNM’s activism is so wide of the mark, it’s hilarious — not just because its activities are based on a misunderstanding of something that really isn’t hard to grasp, but also due to the all-for-nought volunteerism of Pastor Ewing Marietta, who keeps spending Christian donors’ money in ways that are designed to irk non-believers, but don’t. Consider: since TSNM’s inception,

the group has purchased 14 “Rock of Liberty” monuments from Davis Monuments Inc. in Scottdale,

… and sent them to churches.

That’s a lot of granite…and a lot of misdirected spite!

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