Ken Ham Puts Up Anti-Atheist Billboards in Times Square and San Francisco October 7, 2013

Ken Ham Puts Up Anti-Atheist Billboards in Times Square and San Francisco

Answers in Genesis’ Ken Ham is taking a page from the atheist playbook and putting up some billboards of his own in San Francisco and Times Square to promote… Creationism? No, that’s not it… his museum? Not quite…

Actually, the billboards’ message pretty much boils down to: “Suck it, atheists.”

We decided on this billboard campaign that will last a month, with a cordial and engaging message: “To All Our Atheist Friends: Thank God You’re Wrong.” We trust this billboard campaign will give many of you an opportunity to witness to people — to proclaim the truth of God’s Word and the gospel.

I’ll give him this: He has the money to put the messages up in places where they will spur discussion. He might even get national media coverage.

Here’s the problem, though. When the kind of people who tend to live and work in San Francisco and Times Square visit Ham’s website to learn who’s “right,” they going to run into his version of Young Earth Creationism.

The conversations won’t be about why atheists are wrong. They’ll be about why Creationists are so deluded.

So enjoy the media attention while it lasts, Ken, because the aftertaste will be bitter.

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  • Ethan

    That’s really sad.