FFRF’s ‘Celebrate Our Secular Constitution’ Ad Appears in Indiana Newspaper September 15, 2013

FFRF’s ‘Celebrate Our Secular Constitution’ Ad Appears in Indiana Newspaper

Tuesday is Constitution Day (which, I guess, is a thing) and the Freedom From Religion Foundation is celebrating with a full-page ad in today’s Bloomington Times-Herald newspaper in Indiana:

And unlike Hobby Lobby’s ads featuring the Founding Fathers, these quotations are legitimate.

The ad documents that not only is the U.S. Constitution entirely secular — with no reference to a deity — but that there was no prayer during the Constitutional Convention. The Constitution’s primary architect, Madison, opposed government days of prayer, congressional chaplaincies and even “three pence” of tax dollars used in support of religion. The ad includes a website link that not only documents the quotations, but takes the reader to the original script in most cases.

It’s Indiana, so I’m sure no one will have an overreaction.

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