Blue Ridge Christian Academy, the School That Gave Fourth Graders a Creationism Quiz, Has Closed Down August 28, 2013

Blue Ridge Christian Academy, the School That Gave Fourth Graders a Creationism Quiz, Has Closed Down

Remember the infamous fourth grade “science” quiz that was circulating online?



It was later discovered to be a real quiz given at Blue Ridge Christian Academy.

The media attention resulting from that “outing” seemed to do wonders for them. Answers in Genesis’ Ken Ham encouraged his followers to donate money to the school, and they received donations “ranging in amounts from $1 – $1000.”

Administrator Diana Baker later said:

“It is unmistakable that our culture greatly needs well-equipped warriors for Christ. Even though the attack on the school was meant to be harmful, God has used it to provide affirmation regarding the importance of our work. We are hopeful that the recent unexpected interest in our school and in Christian Education will provide support for a future for BRCA.

Turns out God isn’t a big fan of their school. While they ended up raising about $15,000, it was a long way from the $200,000 or so that they needed to keep the place open.

This month, Blue Ridge Christian Academy announced that they would be closed for the school year.

BRCA will not be open for the 2013-2014 school year. The Board is researching options for future funding and re-organization.

The students may not know it, but this is — dare I say it — a godsend. They’ll hopefully find a way to get an education — a real education — from people who understand and respect how science really works instead of from those who get their knowledge from Ken Ham’s video series. Or, more likely, they’ll be homeschooled… but could it really get much worse?

(Thanks to @embreeology for the link)

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