Thanks for Helping Mississippi Families ‘Beat the Heat’!

Earlier this summer, I posted about how the Northeast Mississippi Secular Humanist Association wanted to purchase air conditioners for 10 families, including one with special needs:

The campaign is over and there’s good news to report:

We raised enough extra money to buy seventeen — yes, 17! — air conditioners for elderly and poor Mississippians.

We had a little change left over so we did as we had done last year and bought school supplies for some needy children. In fact, we were able to sponsor one child’s entire list.

So we say again, THANK YOU to all our donors and supporters. Thank you to those who spread the word. Thank you for trusting us with your money and your information.

Just amazing. Thank you to all of you who donated and thanks to everyone at Deep-Fried Freethinkers for spearheading this effort.

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