More Atheist Responses to ‘The Thaw’

The other day, I posted a video from Christian group Reach America called “The Thaw.” It featured young Christians talking about how they’re “persecuted” for their faith:

I also posted a video response that offered a crude-language-laden rebuttal to those claims… mostly because it cracked me up. But some of you were hoping to see a rebuttal that wasn’t so blatantly incendiary.

So I’m happy to link to a couple of really good responses that address the issues without trying to piss people off in the process. (Even better: They both allow comments, which is more than I can say about the original Christian piece…)

This one’s from TheBarkingAtheist:

This one’s from Livelife8072:

If there are more we should see, please leave the links in the comments!

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