Top 10 Most/Least Religious States in the Country: 2013 Edition February 13, 2013

Top 10 Most/Least Religious States in the Country: 2013 Edition

Gallup has just released their annual list of the most and least religious states in the country and there’s no real change from the past.

The most religious states (darker green in the map below) are in the same order from last year… while the least religious states (lighter green) gained Hawaii but lost New York:

Mississippi is still the worst place for non-religious Americans to live — 88% of people there call themselves very religious or moderately religious — while Vermont sounds absolutely delightful (only 43% are very or moderately religious while 57% are non-religious):

Incidentally (and also according to Gallup), Mississippi ranked at the top or near the top of the list of states when it came to obesity, inability to afford food, and least livable place.

When people don’t have a lot going for them, it’s understandable they would turn to religion. If only they would realize God isn’t helping their situation…

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