Anti-Gay Alabama Teacher Barely Gets Punished for Offensive Remarks February 5, 2013

Anti-Gay Alabama Teacher Barely Gets Punished for Offensive Remarks

Bob Grisham, the Psychology teacher and head football coach at Lauderdale County High School in Alabama who was caught on audiotape making anti-gay and racist remarks in class, has been suspended:

… Grisham… was suspended for 10 days without pay

Grisham will have to attend mandatory sensitivity classes and meet with the assistant superintendent once a month.

The board has also removed him from his 5th period psychology class, and he will be given a different assignment.

Some people were pleased with the Board’s decision; others think the punishment should have been tougher.

“I think it’s fair because I’m a big supporter of Mr. Grisham. I’ve known him for years,” said Lee Barclay. “He’s taught my children. My son played football under him. He’s a good Christian man; he just misspoke that day.”

No… he’s not a good Christian man. He’s just a Christian man, doling out Christian Love by making gay students feel like shit:

I don’t believe in queers, I don’t like queers. I don’t… I don’t hate them as a person but what they do is wrong. It’s an abomination against God. I don’t like being around queers.

He didn’t “misspeak” when he said that. He was only reiterating what many pastors say in church every week.

This punishment is a slap on the wrist given what he said. Relieve him of his coaching duties — that would send a message. Telling him “Don’t teach your psychology class with the student who one-upped you” is probably a relief to him.

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