Heathen Holiday Card of the Day! (12/24) December 24, 2012

Heathen Holiday Card of the Day! (12/24)

Today’s card comes to us from Kyra Phee at Dear Darling Design. There’s something of a mix and match element to it.

Here’s the original:

Inside: What a shitty way to spend the holidays.

You can also choose your own adventure, so to speak, since the card is also offered with thisĀ alternate picture:

You can pick from a couple phrases for the inside, my favorite of which is “I’m sure you’ll rise again” šŸ™‚

We’re almost at the home stretch! If you have anything that you’ve been itching to send in, now is the time!Ā Send it over to HeathenHolidayCards@gmail.com and see the whole collection here!

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