Mexican Court Says Same-Sex Marriage Ban is Unconstitutional December 6, 2012

Mexican Court Says Same-Sex Marriage Ban is Unconstitutional

In a lawsuit filed by three same-sex couples against the state of Oaxaca, Mexico’s Supreme Court unanimously agreed that a state law stating that “one of the purposes of marriage is the perpetuation of the species” is unconstitutional.

The court said in its ruling that to condition marriages to the union of one man and one woman “violates the principle of equality.”

Currently, same-sex marriage is only legally allowed in Mexico City, where a same-sex marriage law was enacted in 2010.

Okay, America.  We are about to be the last country in North America to prevent two consenting adults from get married.  Mexico is 83% Catholic, and they are well on their way to doing the right thing on this issue.

Time to get it together.

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