The Rebirth of a Podcast for Secular Parents

Last year, a podcast directed at secular parents went off the air. But original host Colin Thornton and new co-host Noelle George are restarting Parenting Within Reason and this time they’re going all out:

Colin Thornton and Noelle George

The initial return show will feature a discussion with Dale McGowan, author of Parenting Beyond Belief and Raising Freethinkers, and Julia Sweeney, of Letting Go of God. Other confirmed guests include Sean Faircloth, Director of Strategy and Policy for the Richard Dawkins Foundation of Reason and Science to discuss this year’s political climate and how to use it to teach your kids about politics, Amanda Metskas returning to give an update on Camp Quest activities, and Katherine Stewart to discuss her book The Good News Club.

You can get updates on their Facebook page. If you’d like to subscribe to the podcast, just use this link in iTunes.

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