Church Holds Garage Sale for Community… Gives Everything Away for Free September 2, 2012

Church Holds Garage Sale for Community… Gives Everything Away for Free

This falls under the category of “Things Christians Do That Atheists Need to Copy.”

In Hampden, Maine, the Community Church of the Open Door held a garage sale… but instead of selling off goods, they just gave everything away to members of the community.

Consider it a gesture of goodwill:

A community member acquires a refrigerator from the Community Church of the Open Door’s giveaway (via Bangor Daily News)

Hundreds of items, donated by church and community members, disappeared fast during the free yard sale.

“We started at 9 [a.m.] and we’re pretty much down to nothing and it’s only like 10:30,” said church member Holly Cain, of Dedham.

Cain, her husband, Zach, and fellow organizer Esther Littlefield of Glenburn are on the church’s missions team. Around 20 church volunteers, including 4-year-old Eli Cain, helped to set up tables, display items and help people load the items they selected.

“We hope to make it an annual event,” Littlefield said.

People were so excited about the free yard sale, “We had people already here at 7:30 a.m.,” she said. Some participants offered money for the free items, but their offerings were turned down. The event was not about raising money, it was about giving back to the community, Littlefield said.

As far as I can tell, proselytizing wasn’t part of the event. So the church members did something awesome. The people in the community benefitted from their generosity. And I’m sitting here wondering why some of the bigger local atheist groups couldn’t do the same thing.

(Thanks to Kevin for the link!)

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