‘Hug An Atheist’: A Documentary Film That Needs Your Help July 26, 2012

‘Hug An Atheist’: A Documentary Film That Needs Your Help

Sylvia Broeckx, a Belgian filmmaker living in England, wants to make a documentary about what it’s like to be an atheist in America:

Unlike my US friends, I can openly talk about [atheism] without the fear of persecution or the fear of losing my job, my friends or my family. It’s a cause I find myself passionate about so I’ve been wondering for a while what can I do. I’m a filmmaker. With that in mind, I would dearly love to make a film about atheism in the USA. More specifically about the people, the stories of people who have come out as atheists, the stories of people who are actively campaigning and the struggles they’ve had to deal with. I’d like to make a documentary that shows that “we are just people too, trying to live a good decent life”.

Her proposed project is called Hug an Atheist:

You can help make it a reality by chipping in at Indiegogo (I did!) — if the project doesn’t get fully funded by mid-September, you’ll get your money back. Please help out! It would be great to see more films like this out there.

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  • Ray

    Sounds like a great project. Glad to help and looking forward to getting my DVD.

  • Simon

    Hug an atheist? Only if they are vaccinated! lol

  • Zachary

    Can i be in the film?

  • Maevwen

     i was thinking the same thing!  me and some friends would love to make a film too along this vein.