Shameless Plug for SSAWeek June 13, 2012

Shameless Plug for SSAWeek

I’ve been doing a super intense crochet-a-thon for the Secular Student Alliance this week as part of their efforts to raise $100,000 in ten days. Thus far, I have made it through seven days, and I SHALL NOT REST… until Friday. I have cranked out some really quality things this week at the risk of possibly giving myself carpal tunnel syndrome, so you should check out the awesome stuff! ALL the proceeds go to the Secular Student Alliance, so you could help out an awesome organization while getting cool stuff. 😀

So far, I’ve made a Flying Spaghetti Monster, Sagan’s Dragon, a Happy Atom (go outbid Gordon Maples! Go, go, go!), the r/atheism logo, Charles Darwin, a crocoduck (now the mascot of Camp Quest South Carolina!), and Zombie Jesus!

You can check out all the listings that are still happening on eBay! My goal for the week is to raise $750, so if can help me reach it, I will LOVE YOU FOREVER!

"Good dog! Tummy rubs and treats for you, boy."

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  • CoboWowbo

    You’re over half way there, good luck. 

  • Freak

    How about an invisible pink unicorn?

  • I’ll pay 1,000 invisible dollars for it. 


    Seriously though, those are awesome. If I had the money to donate, I would totally get the dragon. 

    I think it is awesome that you are contributing your skills in such a unique way.