Edward Tarte Shares His Thoughts About Funerals May 31, 2012

Edward Tarte Shares His Thoughts About Funerals

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  • Great to see Edward on here! He’s one of my favorite youtubers.

  • Annie

    Great video Edward!  I have been to many Catholic funerals, and it is always so depressing how the ceremony is about the Church, and not the person everyone gathered to remember and mourn.

  • Ryan

    I recognize that tune from Bergman’s “The Seventh Seal”!  

  • Ndonnan

    No wonder Edward left the catholic church,theres nothing biblical about those funerals. All the funerals ive been to have been a celebration of the peoples lives not solemn or mournful. The only catholic one i went to was also really nice,Guy Sebastion[winner of Australian Idol] sang amazing grace,family told funny stories of his life ect,although they did have a rosry service before the main funeral.