The Secular Student Alliance is Hiring an IT Manager

So you’ve wanted to get involved in the movement, but you’re not really sure how, eh? Well, luckily for you, one of the absolute best organizations (not that I’m biased or anything) for atheists and agnostics is hiring RIGHT NOW. That’s right. You could be an atheist and GET PAID FOR IT.

Provided you have the necessary skills and experience.

The Secular Student Alliance is currently accepting applications for a position as an IT Manager.

If you have any experience with IT (especially Drupal/CiviCRM-based websites), then you should definitely apply! Columbus, Ohio is a fantastic city if you’re looking to move somewhere interesting. Applications for the position are due on May 24th!

I can say with confidence that you’d have some of the best coworkers in the world. However, I will have to warn you that they are super serious and no fun things occur in the office, ever.

Okay, so that last bit might be a lie.

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  • Sebinns

    Are you saying only atheists need apply?  Will someone’s religious beliefs be required on the application form?

  • RockMyWorld

    Take a look at the application form…in an indirect way they ask if you have “reservations” about supporting promoting atheism.

    That is probably a no no under current employee law, but you should consult an expert on that issue.

  • Anyone can apply. But realize you’re working for an organization that supports atheism. If you can’t handle that, this isn’t the job for you.

  • Dammit! Why couldn’t this have been posted 2 months ago?

  • Joseph Smith

    Columbus, OH?? I left there for a reason, no thanks.