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  • You have wonderful insight into the alien mind.

  • I’ve listened to people use the Bible to justify every possible position and its opposite on every possible issue.  Amazingly, God’s will always perfectly matches the will of whoever is reading it.

  • Anonymous

     I’ve read a summary of a study a couple of days ago that came to the conclusion that liberal Christian think Jesus was more conservative to them, while conservative Christians think he was more liberal than them. And unsurprisingly of course, both groups tend to read what they already think into the Bible

  • How great would it be if all the people who work in religious NPOs formed a union?  Seriously, though, I hope people will ask hard “what if..” questions before taking these jobs.  I know any job is better than none, but I think the organizations should be explicit about their policies before hiring. 
    Personally, I resent religious groups dumping the health care costs for their employees on tax payers.   If they’re not going to conform to the laws other employers have to follow, they should lose any tax-exempt status they enjoy.