Tree of Knowledge Will Go Up on Monday

For the past couple years, the Tree of Knowledge has gone up in West Chester outside the Chester County Courthouse, thanks to the Freethought Society of Greater Philadelphia.

It’s a great monument to human thought:


This year, new size restrictions were put in place that could’ve prevented the Tree from being put up (PDF).

There’s good news today: The 10 foot high Tree of Knowledge was one of only three installations to be given a green light for this holiday season.

It will be going up this Monday evening at 5:00 p.m. and volunteers can help decorate the tree at 9:00 a.m. that same morning.

Congratulations to Margaret Downey and Sally Flynn for being such positive advocates for FSGP and the non-theistic community at large. This will be a beautiful display as it always is, I’m sure.

(Thanks to shaunphilly for the link!)

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  • Trace

    No snakes?

  • I thought atheists were usually against such displays on public property. Is this different?

  • muggle


    Jake, as long as the other kind of tree insists on being erected, this is a good counterpoint to it. Check the link. It goes up between religious displays.

  • Brad

    Isn’t it interesting that you would call it the “tree of knowledge” … sounds like not much has changed since the garden of Eden…

  • Fred

    You’re absolutely right, Brad. It suggests a new motto for the church:

    “Christianity – suppressing knowledge since 4000 BC”.

  • Nik

    I love Westchester!
    My ex used to live there and everyone seemed very open and friendly.

    Fred, Brad,

    the tree of knowledge is such an apt metaphor for what religion is – an enemy of learning and progress

    in the garden of eden there was no change, no growth, no thinking

  • And some wonder why people consider atheists to be anti-religion…