Tonight: I’m Speaking About the IFI Incident October 22, 2009

Tonight: I’m Speaking About the IFI Incident

Tonight, I will be giving a talk for the North Shore Chapter of Americans United for Separation of Church and State (in Illinois) about the whole IFI incident. There will be a Q&A session afterwards, too.

It’s all free and open to the public.

If you’re interested in attending, all the details are here!

Or you can check out this informational PDF.

Hope to see you tonight!

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  • Richard Wade

    Whatever you do, don’t say anything that might offend you-know-who. Oh wait. That would mean be completely silent.

    Kick ass!

  • Christine

    If I had a car I’d totally go, but you’re all the way out in the burbs! There really is not a cheap and easy way to get from Lincoln Park (where I work) to Northbrook. Oh well. Have fun!

  • Amyable Atheist

    Really – what is it with you atheists and your opinions – why can’t you just be quiet already? GRRRRR – I really shouldn’t have read the reader comments following the Tribune coverage this morning – got blood all angried up! Give ’em polite, professional, knowledgeable, tolerant and Friendly HELL, Hemant! ;-D