This Is What An Atheist Looks Like: Part 2 April 6, 2009

This Is What An Atheist Looks Like: Part 2

Flickr user jaynedemarco has been putting some nifty artwork up on the site. The theme is: “This is what an atheist looks like.”

The last time I posted about this, people had wonderful things to say.

Jayne has since added a few more pieces of art to the collection.

Here are my favorites:

Ronald Reagan, Jr.:


Steve “Woz” Wozniak:


Daniel Radcliffe:


There’s also Katharine Hepburn and Joaquin Phoenix.

You can see the entire collection here.

(via Jayne DeMarco)

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  • SarahH

    Those are really awesome. I love the style, and the simple message (atheists are normal people, not baby-eating, horn-having criminals) is an important one.

  • Those mentioned or portrayed in the artwork that have died aren’t atheists anymore.

  • Siamang

    Reagan looks like Obama.

  • Secular Humanist

    Geeze, he sure does.

  • Do we really want to claim Joaquin Phoenix?

  • Raul


    I third that.

  • Gabriel

    Sweet. Harry Potter is an atheist. That will do so much to reach the 20 something and under age group.

  • debg

    “Do we really want to claim Joaquin Phoenix?”

    I was thinking the same thing…

    These are wonderful, however. The simplicity alone is beautiful.

  • Joel

    Harry Potter is an atheist? Hell to the yeah!

  • Simon

    Daniel Radcliffe is an atheist!
    Oh my flying spaghetti monster, Becky Fisher was right all along!

  • Erp

    It is also amusing to note that Skandar Keynes who plays Edmund in the Narnia movies is also an atheist.

  • Ty


    “Those mentioned or portrayed in the artwork that have died aren’t atheists anymore.”

    That’s true. They’re dead. Christians that die are Christian any more, either. Just dead.


  • «bønez_brigade»

    Woz, huzzah!

  • Erik

    Wasn’t there some debate over Radcliffe’s atheism, based on interpretation of something he said on Inside The Actor’s Studio? I don’t think he ever said he’s an atheist, unless something new has happened since then. In any case, I think a project like this is more powerful when the people chosen are those who stand up and say “hell yeah I’m an atheist!”

  • Brooks

    I didn’t know Daniel Radcliffe was an atheist. Suddenly that makes me love the Harry Potter more although I still think the books pwn the movies.

  • Kiera

    I suddenly <3 Daniel Radcliffe even more! *drool*

  • Jen

    I have no idea if Harry is an atheist, but I agree with Erik: let’s look for atheists who proudly proclaim it in plain English, not people who may or may not be, etc, etc.