You’re Coming, Right…? March 11, 2008

You’re Coming, Right…?

The ultimate Midwest Skeptical Meet-up Party (with two hours of exclusive, unadulterated, unabashedly free Guitar Hero) is just over a week away!

If you’re coming, please sign up on the Facebook event page!

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  • I will probably go. I live in Chicago. Although I try to avoid alcohol and avoid people when they are drinking it.

    Regarding the Facebook page: It requires a login, and I do not see the point of getting a Facebook account just to look at one page.

  • Jodie

    Sign me up for this party. However, I also will continue to spurn facebook 🙂

  • I wish I could. But it’s not really practical for me to plan a weekend trip all the way up to Chicago without more notice, with my work schedule. I hope to join you guys some other time!