Holy Toast Stamp December 19, 2007

Holy Toast Stamp

Oh the fun you could have with this


Tell me more!

In the beginning…there was bread. Ho hum. Make that boring bread an inspiration by embossing it before you toast! Our easy-to-use HOLY TOAST stamper always makes a good impression.

Press the stamper into an ordinary slice of bread, toast it, and behold a miracle!

Only $3.49. Plus whatever the blasphemy tax happens to be in your area.

(via Secular Student Alliance’s eMpirical)

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  • Becky

    First thought: Riches on eBay! =D

  • Les

    My parents bought me one of those for Christmas last year. I think I wrote about it on my blog at the time. Alas, the image of Mary is far too clear for people to take it as being a legitimate miracle. It needs to be way more vague and indistinct before eBay riches will be at hand.