SocialRank’s Top Atheism Blogs December 3, 2007

SocialRank’s Top Atheism Blogs

I cracked the top 10 on the SocialRank powered list!

But The Exterminator is ahead of me… I must defeat him (and his challenging puzzles).

If you’re looking for a good collection of atheist blogs, Challenge Religion has a nice list for you to peruse.

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  • Don’t worry, in the Global Rankings, you are ranked #143,353 (very impressive rank and you’re #34,255 in the US) while has a traffic rank of: #3,155,217

    see Traffic Details for:

  • Caroline


  • Mriana

    Way to go, Hemant! 🙂

  • For the record, Hemant, I don’t think Panda’s Thumb even belongs on the list. So you should be one higher.

  • Pam M

    Hemant, I have looked at all blogs listed before yours. Yours is most definately the best!!! Keep on keeping on.

  • Hey, Hemant:

    I didn’t even know about the Challenge Religion site until I started getting a few hits from it each day. I was delighted to see that I was a spot ahead of you, just because I know what a competitive SOB you are. Anyway, I’m certain that Friendly Atheist will soon buzz way past No More Hornets. In the meantime, though, I’m enjoying my fleeting “superiority.”

    And by the way, just to show that you are indeed the master: When I get a link from Friendly Atheist my traffic really spikes. Always appreciated, friend. Thanks.

  • Karen

    Wow – that’s so terrific! Congrats, Hemant. You done good. 🙂