The Sam Harris Controversy… In LOLspeak October 12, 2007

The Sam Harris Controversy… In LOLspeak





And just for the hell of it, here’s your new desktop background:


I love people who submit amusing things to me 🙂

(Thanks to monkeymind for the pics!)

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"Oh, fuck no. Please let's stop telling boys shit like that is funny."

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  • Just going to sit back and enjoy this one. Who would have thought, Harris not orthodox enough.

  • Jen

    Chix do dig atheism, but why are you in front of a church for your atheist picture, LoLHermant?

  • monkeymind

    Because the background would have taken more than 5 seconds to knock out 🙂

    But I will do it if Mr. Mehta will let me retake the trig test I failed.


  • Mriana

    😆 That’s funny.

  • Sexy pic!

  • Maria