Non-Theistic Congressman Pete Stark at Harvard (Video) September 26, 2007

Non-Theistic Congressman Pete Stark at Harvard (Video)

Here are video excerpts of Congressman Pete Stark‘s speech at Harvard last week!

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  • Mriana

    Thanks for sharing that, Hemant. 🙂

  • Aj

    Pete Stark:

    I do believe, I hope all you do as well, it’s a question of what you believe in.

    I was born poor enough to not have slept alone until I was married.

    Great quotes!

    All they’re looking for is a stable community, in which practice, to live, they didn’t want people to be against homeschooling, they just wanted… but that changed…

    Is “homeschooling” alright with humanists? I know there are people who homeschool, educate their children, but this is not what religious people seem to do. I imagine you’ve all read about the cases.

    Greg Epstein:

    But… history is moving past us right now, and I know it’s not going to pass us by, this is a big moment.

    His words crawl.