You Should Have Bid More February 6, 2007

You Should Have Bid More

David C. Egner of RBC ministries wrote a daily devotional yesterday that discusses Proverbs 11:30: “He who wins souls is wise.”

Guess who they mentioned in in the piece?!

Go me.

But apparently, $504 is nothing compared to what you should be paying to convert souls to Christ.

According to Egner:

The apostle Paul gave a lot more than $504 in his endeavor to bring the gospel to people who had never heard of Jesus Christ. He traveled many long, hard miles across the world. In a gripping account he told of his experiences: shipwreck, imprisonment, floggings, stoning, beatings, exhaustion, hunger, cold, and peril (2 Cor. 11:23-28).

Man! No Christians offered up the willingness to get flogged in lieu of cash bids!

This devotional has taught me one thing: I’m cheap.

The next auction for my soul will be in increments of years of imprisonment the bidder will endure.

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